A Conversation with Bob Walter and Steve Roach

Grammy-nominated electronic musician Steve Roach and Co-Founder and former President of the Joseph Campbell Foundation Bob Walter sit down together to discuss the transformative power of art and music, storytelling without words, and the immersive nature of art experiences that connect us and transcend cultural barriers.




Learning Social Intelligence

Linda’s seminars attract business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, mental health professionals, artists, clergy, and social activists worldwide. The demand for seminars became so great that we've partnered to bring Linda's courses to you in an online self-study setting.


Our Buckman Speaker Series brings Grimes to UT

Screaming, the kind that makes you sit up in your chair, and thunderous clapping greeted the artist as she arrived for the university's Buckman Speaker Series. The series is part of the still-to-be-opened Buckman Center at the university's school of design and creative technologies.


Cory Doctorow @UT

Renowned science fiction author and activist Cory Doctorow visited the University of Texas as part of the Buckman Speaker Series to share his vision for a tech-driven future that prioritizes user empowerment and autonomy.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Drone 03 Copy

Nelda Studios highlights Austin murals on PBS

Muraling Austin, a new series premiering on March 24 on Austin PBS, will showcase the city's public art and the cultural infrastructure that makes it a constant part of daily life. Produced by Nelda Studios in collaboration with Austin PBS, the series will highlight large-scale murals and the stories behind them.


Immersive Art Experiences Rock Austin

NELDA Studios celebrates many area artists who use new media to create interactive works and immersive art experiences. We believe exploring the frontiers and convergence of design, sound, and technology creates wonderous expressions of the human experience.

Paola Antonelli

Paola Antonelli @UT

Design touches everything, according to celebrated curator, author, editor and architect Paola Antonelli. As Senior Curator for Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Antonelli focuses on the intersection of art and design—how it reflects modern society and how it enables progress. Check out our recent conversation with Paola Antonelli.

Frame 362

A Chance to Rock…

We're partnering with Austin Angels and Band Aid School of Music to bring music education into the lives of children who rarely get that opportunity.


The Buzzfest Founders

Nelda Studios sponsored the Bee Cave BUZZFEST 2022! The award-winning tech-art street festival brings crowds to Austin's Hill Country Galleria with edgy immersive light and sound art installations alongside performances from nationally acclaimed electronic music artists.


Creating Educational Content

Did you know that Nelda Studios creates educational content? We believe in the transformative power of knowledge and innovative ways of learning new skills in creative technology, art-making, personal development, and more.

Steve Roach05 Copy

A Visit with Steve Roach

Steve Roach, the twice-Grammy nominated electronic musician, just dropped by Nelda Studios to chat about his artistic process and inspirations.


NeldakarlKarl and Nelda Buckman recognize the critical role of creativity in innovation, design, problem-solving, and the human experience. The Buckmans’ early grassroots efforts began with providing creative opportunities for the community, from funding arts programs for low-income school districts in Texas to supporting small-town theater. Using that success to create opportunities in the arts, Karl and Nelda founded Nelda Studios with a focus on producing feature documentary films, Broadway theater, television series, and other impactful media content. They also created The Karl and Nelda Buckman Fund in 2021 to lift, nurture, and expand opportunities for creativity and the arts. A marquee fund initiative will be opening the Buckman Center at the School of Design and Creative Technologies at The University of Texas at Austin in 2023. The Center will be a collaboration and research space for educators, students, artists, designers, and technologists. Karl and Nelda’s efforts also bring together organizations to support underserved communities.

Karl Buckman descends from a long line of impactful innovators and problem solvers. At the height of World War II, his grandfather, biochemist Dr. Stanley Buckman, founded Buckman Laboratories, creating innovative chemical biocides that controlled bacteria in paper manufacturing, at a time when daily newspaper war updates were critical. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, providing countless chemical solutions for industries, including industrial water treatment. Following those same footsteps, Karl Buckman is making a difference through innovation and opportunity in the arts and creative spheres. After a decade of working for the family company, Karl devotes his time to philanthropy, including the support of arts programs for children.

Nelda Buckman has a deep commitment to creativity and a strong belief in the value of creative self-expression. After graduating from Stephen F. Austin University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology, Nelda served as a speech pathologist and later as an elementary art teacher for the Goose Creek Independent School District near Houston. She witnessed firsthand the positive impact and importance of self-expression for children. In her eight years as a public school art teacher, Nelda saw the long-lasting effects of arts education. “It never goes away, and it’s always there for them. We all need it. It burdens my heart to think that some people don’t have access to the arts.” Her love of the arts began early in life and has continued through community engagement with live theater, an independent study of fine art, and practice through her encaustic home studio.

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